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Friday, December 14, 2012

Challenge 78 - Tags and Banners

Happy Friday Fussy and Fancy followers


Our new guest designer and top 5 will be
announced next Friday (21st December) so
please pop back then to see if you
are amongst the lucky winners

Updated: The new guest designer
and top 5 can be found here


Before we announce the new challenge
we have a couple of goodbyes to make.
Nicola, Lynn, Mel & Suzanne have
decided to step down from
the design team.

We wish them all well and thank each
of you for sharing your talents with
us.  Hope to see you out there
in blogland xx


(click on my photo to visit my blog)

On a happier note we would would like
to welcome a newbie to the team.  You
may remember Sylvia from our last
guest designer spot
(see post below for more details)

We loved Sylvia's work and we were
so pleased when she accepted our
invitation to join the design team

You will see more of Sylvia's work
in our next challenge

Welcome to Fussy and Fancy Sylvia!


Our challenge for the next fortnight is:

This is a great challenge for the
festive season as we've all got to make
tags for our presents and just think
what our New Years Eve Partys 
would be like without banners!

Here are our own festive creations:








Sheryl C

We hope you have fun with this challenge

You have until midnight on
27th December GMT to enter

To help those of you not in the UK
there is a time zone converter in
the left hand side bar, just click on
the clock face and enter your location

xx Happy crafting and glittery hugs xx


butterfly said...

Fantastic projects from the whole of Team A... looking forward to hopping round soon for a closer look soon!
Alison x

Carmen S. said...

Großartige Werke habt ihr eingestellt. Mir gefallen sie alle sehr gut.
Ich wünsche dem gesamten Team ein frohes Weihnachtsfest ud einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr.

Liebe Grüße Carmen

Andrea said...

Fab challenge and have joined but not showing on linky even though it says my link already exists ??!! sad my link is x thanks andrea x

Sazzle said...

Andrea, they are now showing! thanks for your entry :-)

xx Sazzle xx

Unknown said...

Gorgeous display from the DT...great ideas there...luv annie

Jenn Borjeson said...

Thanks for the fun challenge and all of the great inspiration from the DT. :)

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